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The lousy, cloudy Philadelphia winter has broken and given way to the usual Philly Spring which is spring-like once in a while.

We just made it through the NFL draft which took place in an outdor venue on the elegant steps leading to Philadelphia’s Art Museum (how’s that for a mad juxtaposition?). Attendees left the city with plenty of litter and, the treasury hopes, they also left some bucks.

Never fear, Mysterical-E will amuse, enlighten, and entertain you while the city gets itself back in order.

This issue has lots of special treats. Please leave comments, leave multiple comments. It lets the staff and the contributors know they are being read.

I’m happy to say that Crimes on Latimer: From the Early Cases of Marco Fontana is back in print. The fabulkous new cover is by Yun LI and te publisher, Jade Mountain Books, couldn’t be more cooperative and helpful.

From his earliest adventure investigating a murder in high school, this book takes you through six cases that tested Marco Fontana’s skills before he encountered that Murder on Camac…  https://tinyurl.com/mlm7nxx

Handsome Young Man In Black Hoodie Sweater Outdoor In Street


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