Merry Christmas!

It’s been a busy Spring and Summer and now Fall is quickly turning into Winter, though by the weather here in Philadelphia, you wouldn’t think so.

This issue brings a large bundle of goodies — several very interesting columns including our two newest columnists Anita Page in New York and F. G. Thorsen (owner of the Chronicles of Crime bookstore) hailing from Canada. Of course there are stories, a book excerpt, book reviews, and more interviews than ever.

Our regular staff does a great job — columnists Gerald So and Christine Verstraete, both of whom have been with Mysterical-E for quite some time and do a great job with the material they produce. Interviewer Barbara M. Hodges and book reviewer Vero Caravetta help keep us informed. Our Webmaster, Jason Li, makes this magazine look so wonderful and his many talents are awe inspiring. They are all wonderful people whose contributions to this magazine make it what it is.


I’m particularly happy to announce that Jade Mountain Books is re-releasing my books as quickly as possible. So far, they’ve re-released Murder on Camac and A Body on Pine, the first two books in the Marco Fontana series. Both have stunning new covers by the wonderful Yun Li and they are truly stunning! Nex tto be re-released are Crimes on Latimer and Death on Delancey. A new Marco Fontana novel is in the works. Jade Mountain Books will also be re-releasing A Warning in Blood the first c=volume in a vampire trilogy and the next volume, A Battle In Blood, will be released soon, too.

Murder on Camac new cover

Murder on Camac is available in print and ebook formats,

as is A Body on Pine

A Body on Pine New Cover

And JMS Books has just released my newest effort (and a new category for me — romantic mystery)

Family Bashings


Disgraced cop, Doyle McCann, and former undercover cop, Kord Verlangen, are forced to partner on a cold case which they must solve or lose their jobs. Doyle is gay and out, Kord says he’s straight. Both of them harbor secrets they never want revealed. The cold case they’ve been assigned involves a series of gay bashings that occurred two years earlier. Their investigation them through some of the more interesting parts of Philly’s gay nightlife. They also come face to face with events and people which gives Doyle reason to believe that the Mafia may be involved in the case. Following years old leads is hard enough. But two polar opposite types of cop working together creates a special kind of difficulty. To top it off, the sexual tension between Doyle and Kord rises with each passing moment and begins to overwhelm their focus. As they come closer to solving the case, something occurs which splits the unlikely team right down the middle and threatens to destroy any chance for them to solve the cold case and with it any chance of saving their jobs. What will it take to get them working again and to keep them on track?


And our own Christine Verstraete is basking in the glow of her newest:


Enjoy the issue and stay tuned for more.

Merry Christmas!


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