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Frigid temps. Who needs ’em? This weather is not my favorite, though I know people who love the change in seasons and can’t wait for temperatures to drop. They’re all certifiable. But that’s another story.

We’re coming up on a couple of anniversaries: March will mark the tenth year that I’m turning out issues of Mysterical-E and it still feels good. I took over the publication in the Fall of 2004 and began preparing the transition to the new look and new staff. So, with the next issue we begin a year long tenth anniversary. Later in the year the magazine itself turns either sixteen or seventeen — we’re still researching that. So the anniversary issues will continue. We’re hoping to make some changes in the look of the issues as well as the ability for readers to get more involved and form a Mysterical-E community.

Stay Tuned!

This issue is filled with some fun things including the start of new series material, a book excerpt, interviews, and more. Book reviews is taking a winter break but will be back next month with an extra dollop.

Jan Christensen is bak in our pages and we’re happy to have her here! We also begin a new series with the work of Rosemary and larry Miles, two wonderful people whose stories have appeared in this publication many times. Anita Page is also back with a great story and there are lots of other new entries.


As usual we’re on the lookout for new column and feature ideas as well as stories, books to review, interviews.

*   *   *

I’m happy to announce that a new book in the Marco Fantana Mystery series is here:

Death on Delancey



Two popular gay bartenders are found dead in a tony Philadelphia neighborhood and the police are ready to close the case as a murder-suicide. P.I. Marco Fontana has a hunch that there’s more to the crime than a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong. But he’ll need all his wits and resources because the Chief of Detectives hates him and won’t let him anywhere near the case. Besides, the evidence backs up the police department’s claims. And as his personal life becomes more complicated — old flame or hot new barista boyfriend? — Fontana finds the case leads him down some seedy avenues in the City of Brotherly Love.

It’s available at Amazon.com, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble online, and more…
It’s of course available at Giovanni’s Room (now called: PAT@Giovanni’s Room) here in Philadelphia.

In the next book in the series Marco and his friends will face a current gay issue head on.


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