A Word From the Editor

Well, here it is. The new Mysterical-E format!

It’s taken a while to get this launched and  LOT of work by our webmaster Jason who did a wonderfully outstanding job. We couldn’t be more proud.

You’ll find all of your favorite areas: Stories, Columns, Reviews, and others. There are also some new features like Comments and Sharing so you can spread the word. We want to hear from you, so read and comment.

Facebook: There’s a Mysterical-E group on Facebook find us at:
and join!

Twitter: Mysterical-E’s tweets can be found at: https://twitter.com/MystericalE

REMEMBER: If you are submitting material to Mysterical-E, take a look at the Submisssions page again. Our Guidelines have changed to suit the new format.

This summer has been a rainy one but that hasn’t stopped this Editor from getting to the great outdoors and camping in the mountains. But work on the issue chugged along all the while. The rain didn’t help, though. Aside from being dreary and dull, the rain assissts our friends the mosquitoes to breed. And breed. And breed. For me, that’s not a pleasant thing.  I’m one of the mosquito’s favorite foods. I’m a veritable mosquito buffet.

But all that scratching didn’t stop me from enjoying the great stories in this issue. Some old favorites are back as well as some writers new to our pages.

Enjoy the issue and let us hear from you in the comments.

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