Flash Fiction
By John Meany

Churning sea, swept through mad while; wash over my body and skull.
Send my bones back to the graveyard of earth.
My killer still walks free.
Cleanse my soul clean of his sinful crime.
I shall take my vengeance from this lost world,
trapped somewhere between the darkness of death, and the light of life.

My angry spirit is that sound he hears late at night.
That floorboard that squeaks while he tries to sleep.
That door that suddenly opens or closes.
I'm that window that breathes a cool, chilling breeze.
As long as my killer continues to walk a free man, I won't be able to rest.
They couldn't prosecute him through the criminal justice system.
So I will prosecute him from beyond the grave.
He will soon feel my full wrath.
I will destroy my killer while he is still alive.
I'll drive him mad.
Yes. Do you hear me?
I'll drive him completely mad.

Commentary- On January 25th, 2002, Albert Adams, a popular 38-year-old nightclub owner, was last seen wandering the beaches of Miami, Florida.
Authorities there believe Mr. Adams was murdered by his wife's disgruntled lover. However, since a body had never been recovered, the case remains open.