By Peter Ebsworth

Amethyst: Thank you for subscribing to I am Amethyst, your personal medium and guide. Together we will connect with the spirit world and communicate with the one you seek. May I have your name please?

Princess: Paul Underwood.

Amethyst: Welcome Paul. May I ask how you came to know of this site?

Princess: From my daughter, Becky. She subscribed to it so that she could contact her grandma. They were very close. Iím in here under her login. My mom always called her ďPrincess.Ē Is that a problem?

Amethyst: No, no problem at all. Have you ever used a Medium before?

Princess: No. Iíve always thought that you were a bunch of charlatans and frauds. I used to laugh at Becky for coming on here to talk with my mom, but that was beforeÖ

Amethyst: Before what, Paul?

Princess: Before I became this desperate to contact someone.

Amethyst: Thatís not unusual, Paul. When the Titanic finally went under, I would guess that she didnít take any atheists down with her. Cynicism is always emotional thin ice; it canít bear much weight. Who do you wish to contact?

Princess: My daughter, Becky.

Amethyst: When did she pass through?

Princess: Die you mean? When did she die?

Amethyst: Yes, if you prefer. But die is such a final word for what is, after all, only an evolution from physical to spiritual consciousness. The universe is alive with the life force; our living bodies channel and focus our awareness like a signal through a radio. Death is only the transition back to the original spiritual world from which we came. Becky has not stopped ďbeing,Ē she never will. None of us ever will. So when did Becky make the transition?

Princess: Three weeks ago. She died three weeks ago in a car accident.

Amethyst: That is a very recent transition, Paul. She may not have had time yet to find her place on the incorporeal plane. I may have to use a spiritual intermediary already known to me to establish contact. What were Beckyís interests? It will assist our spirit guide to calm her if he can remind her of familiar and well-liked things.

Princess: Horse riding, discos, boy-bands, she liked all the usual teenage girl stuff, but most of-all the Internet. She absolutely adored the chat lines and e-mails. She even built her own Web site so ďcyber friendsĒ could find out all about her.

Amethyst: Thank you that will help. If we are able to find her, what are you wishing to ask?

Princess: I donít need to ask anything. You only have to get a message through to her. I thought that maybe, just maybe, this site could be real, that you might be a genuine medium. That behind all the smoke and mirrors there could be a little real magic. So Iím giving it a try, giving you a try.

Amethyst: I am genuine, Paul, but I warn you now, not infallible. Spirits are still people, often lost and bewildered people, especially after only a few weeks on the other side. I may not even be able to find her. Is the message to say youíre sorry? It so often is. Sorry things werenít different; sorry you didnít try harder. If so, she will already understand, and, indeed, she will be feeling the same. Believe me.

Princess: No. I want her to know that Iím coming to get her. Iím going to make the ďtransition.Ē

Amethyst: Iím sorry, Paul, Dad but I donít understand.

Princess: Well you should understand, itís very simple. Sheís only fourteen, and Iím not leaving her there on her own.

Amethyst: But, Paul, sheís not Daddy, is that really you? on her own. Sheís with all the family that have gone before, including her grandma. Its natural to be upset, but the pain will ease over time. Please donít do anything foolish.

Princess: Why is it foolish? You tell me the spirit world is real. Well, I have a Smith & Wesson Home-Defender next to my keyboard thatís my ticket over. But I want her to know Iím coming, to not be afraid anymore because she will know that Iím on my way. How can I know how long it will take me to find her? Maybe itíll be hours after Iím dead, maybe days. However strange and frightening the place, at least she will have the comfort of knowing that her dadís coming through for her, sheíll know that Iím going find her whatever it takes. Iíve thought it through and realize that she needs me now more than ever. Daddy, Iím not dead. Iím at home, but where are you?

Amethyst: Look, Paul, tell me where you are, you need help.

Princess: Becky?

Amethyst: No, we will be unable to make any contact today. My temporal connection has faded; the spirit guide has left.

Princess: Honey?

Amethyst: Paul, you must understand that I am not saying that Dad, was it a mistake? I knew that you couldnít be dead, I just knew it all along, but no one would listen to me the spirit world is an actual place. Think of it more as a state of mind.

Princess: Whatís happening? Have you made contact with my daughter? Is that her speaking to me?

Amethyst: Thereís only me, Paul. This is a one-to-one chat room with no observers and no other participants, Iím Becky Underwood from Cedars Avenue, Winston, and I want to know are you my dad or not!? but I need your address to get you some assistance. Is there anyone else in the house?

Princess: Yes, itís me, Becky, its Dad. But youíre not at home, Hon, not any more.

Amethyst: Thereís no point in trying to talk to her, I canít make contact with your daughter. Believe me, Paul, I honestly canít.

Princess: Iíve been trying to reach you through a medium and it seems like its worked. Donít worry, sweetheart, Iíll soon be with you.

Amethyst: Stop it, Paul, youíre frightening me. Look, Iíll be honest, Iím just someone trying to earn a living on the Net. I thought that this Web site could be a moneymaker; I have no more links with the spirit world than anyone else, which is none. You were right, it is only smoke and mirrors, itís all illusion. No dad, Iím at home on the computer. I logged onto ďThe Other SideĒ to see if I could make contact with you. We were in a car accident on the way back from Michele Richardsí party and when I came round in the hospital they told me that you had died. I knew it was a lie, I knew that you couldnít really be dead, but itís been so long since youíve been home that I started to think maybe you could be. Did you lose your memory or something, like in a movie?

Princess: I did crash the car bringing you back from the party. It was my fault. I was tired and didnít react quick enough to avoid the truck. Iím so sorry, so desperately sorry. But it was you who died, honey. I just wish that it had been me instead.

Amethyst: Paul, read what I say! There is no spirit world! Itís made up to comfort people. If you kill yourself you will go nowhere. You will just be dead. Do not commit suicide. Please let me get help! Dad, maybe we are both OK. Do you remember that dead boring show that you made us watch on the Discovery Channel that said every possible outcome might really happen but then split into different worlds?

Princess: Yeah, I do, based on quantum theory. Every possible timeline actually exists. The multiverse theory, youíre a clever girl to remember that. But, sweetheart, they were different dimensions or something. Thereís no way to communicate between them. Maybe weíve found one. Iím fine, Dad, I really am. Missing you will never end, but as long as I know youíre really alive somewhere then Iíll be content. Stay where you are, Dad. Messages within cyberspace may cross over dimensions, but people canít.

Princess: Are you really alive somewhere, Becky? Of course I am, silly. The dead canít type. Now promise me you wonít hurt yourself.

Amethyst: Iím sorry, Iíve done what I can, you are obviously in great distress and very confused but I must insist that this finishes now. Promise me, Dad.

Princess: I promise. But you must swear in return that you are truly alive and safe, not only Beckyís spirit returned to stop me killing myself.

Amethyst: Thatís enough! If you do not disconnect immediately, Mr. Underwood, I am going to close down this site at the server feed.

Princess: No stop! Sheís here with us now. Canít you see? Canít you read her? For Godís sake, donít cut us off.

Amethyst: Iím sorry, but youíve left me no choice, I canít be responsible for this. Goodbye, and please, donít end your life; there is, honestly, nothing else. I LOVE YOU DAD!

Princess: Becky, swear to meÖ

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