By Denise Baton

This is a novel placed in Washington D.C. with characters that you havenít seen before. The people in SHAME THE DEVIL run the gamut and include more than one Greek. The reader enjoys a true depiction of D.C. and Iím not talking about politicians. This book is about the people. The choreography of the book is original and especially interesting because it has a circular movement, like a slow moving tornado. There is a growing realization of how one personís bad decision affected the lives of so many others. Like a pebble dropped in still water there is an exponential ripple effect. This is a story of discovery, revelation, damnation and redemption. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Thatís exactly what this novel does. If you donít like rough language or the graphic description of food likened to womenís genitalia then maybe this book is not for you. But if you like tough guys and action, or if youíre a mite nostalgic for music of your time or dig fast cars and loose women maybe you should check it out. The author, George Pelecanos, is enjoying the limelight right now, though itís not as if his talent has been hiding out somewhere. He has recently been featured on televisionís SUNDAY MORNING, been written up as one of crime novels literary greats in the NEW YORK TIMES and heís suddenly become the voice of crime fiction. Or perhaps it is not so sudden, after all, he has written ten books and thereís more to come. Rumor has it thereís a movie-deal in the makings. I tell you it would be a shame to be ignorant of his work. George Pelecanos is truly an American crime writer. SHAME THE DEVIL is a pretty good book.