a collection of stories of the paranormal

By Jodie Ball

I'm one of those rare readers who would rather pick up an anthology or a collection of short stories. However, when my copy of MYSTERY IN MIND arrived in my mailbox, I was a little disappointed. The chocolate brown cover with its black and white illustration of a house enshrouded in lightening in the background and a ghostly woman in the foreground didn't foretell of interesting tales within. The artwork is spooky enough, it's the brown color that didn't do anything for me.

That's what I get for judging a book by its cover. Between the drab covers of MYSTERY IN MIND are 23 intriguing and thought-provoking tales of the paranormal.

Among my favorites are: "Sara Morningsky" by Lee Driver which is about a Native American woman who exacts revenge with the aid of Native American folklore. "The Storm" by Jon Fabris is an historical tale about the use of a seance to unravel the mystery of a haunting. "The File on Viriginia Fairchild" by J.M.M. Holloway is a haunting tale about a woman who disappeared years ago. "A Lover's Understanding" by Patricia Harrington warns that people aren't always who they seem to be. "Art Eternal" by Nicole Burris is a chilling tale that will make the reader think twice before purchasing any new artwork. "Haunted" by Scott Nicholson lives up to its name by leaving the reader feeling haunted.

A further enticement are the five full pages of haunting artwork by Chris Pugh.

MYSTERY IN MIND is a collection for every taste. Though all the stories contain an element of the supernatural and a mystery of one sort or another, there are a few stories for the horror fans, mystery traditionalists, and even something for fans of humorous tales. After turning the final page, you'll find yourself wishing there was a second volume.