By Jodie L. Ball

When Claymore Pike joined a running group, he hoped to lose his ever-growing stomach. He even hoped to meet new women. What Pike didn't count on though, was that someone would murder one of his fellow runners.

Because members of the group use nicknames rather than their real names, the local authorities ask Pike, an agent with the California Bureau of Investigations, to assist them in their investigation. Since possible leads to the killer keep dying, Pike is teamed with Detective Rhonda Sample. The two clash immediately after meeting, making the murder investigation that much more difficult.

Robert Kellog's MURDER ON THE RUN takes readers into the competitive world of running groups. Though the number of minor characters and their odd and unusual nicknames make it difficult to keep track of Pike's possible suspects, this doesn't detract from the tale.

From the short prologue, we know who the killer is. MURDER ON THE RUN is more of a whydunit and a will-she-get-away-with-it than a whodunit. It's also a fun way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.