By Jodie L. Ball

Luke Kirby needs to get away from it all. The family cabin in snowy Estes Park, Colorado is the perfect place for escape and to honor his deceased wife's memory. Instead of finding solace, though, Luke discovers a sleeping woman inside the cabin. Luke and the woman, who can't remember who she is, spend the next few days trying to help her remember and dodging dangerous men.

Meanwhile, Leslie Merryweather is planning another attack against his father's company. Unfortunately, he needs the information contained in Prudence Knight's photographic memory in order to carry out his plans. When he'd had her kidnapped, he hadn't expected complacent Prudence to escape.

Despite a slow start, Missing You is a captivating romantic suspense novel that will keep you reading through the breathtaking climax. Though I would have preferred to "see" more of the setting to help set the mood, I found the story and characters interesting and enjoyable.